Burning radiance…

It was the first morning of our Women’s Leadership Team retreat at a beautiful lake house. We awoke that day to a thick blanket of fog hovering over the lake. The result was a beautiful grey gloom. It’s hard to describe how the gloom could be so beautiful, but it was all the same. The fog obscured the sun, which was slowly burning it away until brilliant light began to warm the air and transform the day. Soon the water sparkled as sunlight danced across the surface. A day that began gloomy and heavy had become grand and beautiful.

Later that afternoon, as I walked along the path that led to the water’s edge, I breathed in deeply – I could almost smell the promise of Spring in the air. My heart began to dance as I beheld the beauty of God’s creation. It was breathtaking.

Many times our lives are like that. A thick, seemingly¬†impenetrable fog descends upon us and blinds us, leaving us lost and disoriented. Something unexpected happens that makes no sense. We attempt something we were sure the Lord was leading us to do and it falls flat. Heartbreak rudely intrudes and fills our days with tears and confusion. All we see is the fact that we can’t see; we can barely make out the next step ahead of us.

But what we don’t see is the burning radiance of God’s love and care working behind the scenes to bring all things back into clear view. Even when we can’t see it, He is working; and as we continue forward with trust in Him, he is burning away that which blurs our vision and confuses our steps. In fact, I have found that in those moments when I experience God’s silence, He is working the most. And although I don’t always get all the answers to the why questions, I become more and more secure in the Who that is holding and keeping me in the midst of it all.

I pray that if you are the midst of the fog of life, you would rest in the knowledge that God is there. He is working, and you will soon see the sun shining again as He burns away what hides your path. He is faithful, and He will do it.

Grace and peace…

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