Oh precious sister…

This post is for those for whom Mother’s Day is either a mixed bag or an altogether yucky one, filled not with joy but sadness or remorse, or mourning.

I totally get that.

The History Channel website has a great history on the origins of Mother’s Day as we know it here in the US. It’s a fascinating read. The basic goal behind this day is to recognize and thank our mothers for the sacrifices they made or make for us.

But for some, it is a bittersweet day – or just bitter – for a variety of reasons…

Perhaps you don’t have a good relationship with your mother…

…or your mother is no longer with you…

…or you never knew who your mother was.

Women who are not mothers may feel other things on a day like Mother’s Day.

…the woman who has miscarried…

…the woman who has lost a child…

….the woman who struggles with infertility…

….the woman who cannot have children at all.

I happen to be in that last group. I will never be able to physically bear children. This was what I wanted for my life, the only “career path” I was interested in. Being a wife and mother. One hasn’t happened yet and the other will never happen. A holiday like Mother’s Day tends to remind me of things like that.

I can say this: I love my mother, who I still call “mommy” to this very day. She is the wisest women I know, a woman of strong faith and character. I am grateful to my mommy everyday, and love to celebrate her on Mother’s Day each year.

But in that celebration there is always a mix of sadness, because I will never make her a grandmother. At least not the way I had envisioned and desired. The death of a particular vision you have for your life can sting…badly. It can leave you feeling empty and directionless, as you seek to redefine who you are in this new reality.

But God…

God always shows us a new vision. And He has shown that I am not hollow or barren. I still have a womb, a spiritual womb. He longs to fill me with purpose and meaning and ministry that will bring forth spiritual children. A brood I could not even fathom bringing forth physically.

Oh precious sister – Please know that this is true for you as well. He sees you; He hears your cry. And He answers. Let His love pour over you. He is near to the brokenhearted, and He loves you beyond measure. Let that be your strength.

Grace and peace…

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