Why E2W?

Encourage to Wholeness. Or, simply, E2W – I kind of like that!

Welcome to the new, new relaunch of the relaunch of my blog. I have launched and relaunched my blog so many times, I’ve officially lost count!

I really had no intention of relaunching this blog, at least not right now. For the longest time, I would open my journal or a blank Word document and just stare at the screen…nothing would happen. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say. There are many things I could write about – I have lots of opinions about a lot of things! On occasion I’m actually right about something…but committing those things to paper, or sharing them in a blog? Not me. Not at this stage in life.  
The idea came suddenly, faster than I could write it down, and it started with one simple word: Encouragement.

I desire to give women a source of encouragement and truth. A place of refuge where they know it is safe to pour their hearts out to the Lord. I seek to affirm the humanity of women in the face of a culture that increasingly seeks to dehumanize us. And when I say culture, I am not just talking about the culture “out there”. Even the culture within the church can be dehumanizing to women at times. 
I am not seeking to argue for or against women in ministry leadership. I do not wish to debate the theological strength of complementarianism or egalitarianism except to argue that these are unhelpful categories for addressing many of the needs of women. I also do not desire to have debates on my blog about these issues. The primary reason: I have yet to “land” on one side or another, and quite frankly, I’m in no great hurry to do so. I do not see this issue as a “gospel” issue, as in “this is what you must believe in order to be wise unto salvation”. Secondly, this rabbit trail will detract from my primary purpose. There are other ministries and blogs that are dedicated to such reflection; as this site grows, I will share them so we can all be Bereans and seek out truth in light of Scripture. 
My reasons for writing are simpler than that, but not simplistic. I long to see women grow in their knowledge of the Lord. As we know God better, we know ourselves better. And the process to wholeness begins. 
These last few years have been characterized by great upheaval and transition. Loss and discovery. Mourning and comfort. Anger and joy. Turmoil and peace. A wide range of emotion, from the highest high to the lowest low, and everything in between. The Lord has challenged me, pushed me, confronted me, moved me…forgiven me, comforted me, restored me. Encouraged me. Through His presence in my life, the presence of other believers, and well placed messaged that seem to come “out of nowhere” in books, or podcasts, etc., He has been drawing me in and removing things that should not be there. 
I can’t imagine I’m the only one that has gone through such experiences. And since I know God wastes nothing, I am surer than sure that I have gone through these things for the blessing and benefit of others. Perhaps you are going through such a journey right now. If so, this just might be the place for you. I seek to encourage to wholeness. It’s not that I’ve already made it to complete wholeness. That won’t happen in this lifetime. I make incremental steps toward wholeness as I grow closer to the Lord. If I wait until I reach perfection, I will never start. 
It’s time to start. 
As we move along, I will share more of this vision, and we can figure out – together – what wholeness looks like. What good, godly encouragement looks like. What walking with the Lord can be. 
So, let’s go!

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