What’s on your mind, Michelle?

This is the question that greets me every time I open my Facebook page. Today, that’s a loaded question. Here’s a sampling:

I have grown tired of the politicization of the human tragedy that has occurred in Orlando… and of every human tragedy that happens these days…

I am spent on the fact that only the fringe element of the church is being portrayed as the voice of Christians in response to this tragedy…

I am disheartened that there are people out there that would consider the slaughter of human beings something to be celebrated…

I am exhausted that my response as a Christian can turn into a litmus test for how properly “orthodox” my doctrine is…

Can we just mourn the fact that 49 souls were lost? Forty-nine families are trying to figure out how to live without their loved ones? That there are 53 others whose lives were spared, but will bear the scars of this night from this point forward? Is this not the human thing to do? If my salvation in Christ does anything, it should make me more human, more prone to lament the horrific effects of fallen humanity and our capacity to hurt one another. It should make me more compassionate, not less…at least that is what I think it should mean…

In this moment, I don’t want to debate the rightness or wrongness of homosexuality; I don’t want to debate whether or not stricter gun laws would have prevented such a tragedy. I don’t want to talk about “radical Islam”. Right now, I just want to be human, to feel the emotions that God has given us and mourn…All these debates can be for another day.

Right now, I just need a good cry.

That’s what’s on my mind…

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