Random, mini-tirade, breakdown, and all around rant…

This is the deal: I want the Reformed Theology stuff without the Complementarian (CM) baggage. Does that make sense? I’m tired of this CM/EG (Egalitarian – sorry I love acronyms) fight. It’s getting old. Older than old. Rickety. It’s making me crotchety. I don’t like being crotchety. But now I’m crotchety.

The tentacles of the so-called New Calvinists and all their friends are spread throughout American Evangelicalism (AE) and they are CM freaks. I do NOT believe this is a Gospel issue. It is not central to the Gospel, or a requirement for believing the Gospel. This fight is a distraction in my eyes – a distraction to the very real and present dangers that face us in this world, and in our churches. While we are parsing out what a woman can and cannot do during a worship service, people are becoming disillusioned with church, abused by church, or otherwise disenfranchised because of our witness. All that can be seen from the outside is fighting and quibbling. Scratching and scraping for position and power. 
All the things they see in the world. 
What is our witness? What do we stand for? Do we simply stand for defining what man and woman should be and do? Do we simply stand for a list of things that we are against? How about what we’re for? 
I’ve grown tired. Tired of the theological drama that ensues on a daily basis in blog land. It is part of the reason my love for blogging is being slowly strangled to death. One wrong word, one wrong phrasing, and even if you are an unknown nobody, you can blow up and be blown up by the word/theology police. The invisible Evangelical Magisterium that have appointed themselves as the theology police for all of Evangelicalism. 
And this is not a tirade against rigorous theological reflection. But how many extra “essentials” are we going to add onto being saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone? There are too many strings attached. It’s too burdensome. It’s too exhausting. Perhaps I care too much? Not enough? Depends on who you would ask. But this woman, who once craved theological study and was passionate enough to spend two years of her life studying it, has lost her mojo. I want it back.
That’s my story for today…

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