At a loss…

Please give me grace to express my lament. I am beyond frustrated, sad, confused, angry…sitting here at work in tears. For families in Orlando…Turkey….Bangladesh….Iraq….Saudi Arabia…Baton Rouge….St. Paul. How long, O Lord? How long? My heart breaks anew each day. Our leaders sit on their hands and do nothing; our media focus on the insanity of presidential candidates and their self-indulgence. And people die; children lose their mothers or fathers; spouses lose their life partners; families and friends grieve the empty space that person can no longer fill in their lives.

The lack of compassion and complete disregard for human life is amazing, even among we who call on Your name. Perhaps we have become calloused and desensitized. It seems everyday something new happens. Lord, give Your people hearts of compassion, hearts that break with the brokenhearted, hearts that cry out for justice, hearts that are moved to act on behalf of our neighbors. Begin with me, Father, begin with me…

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